The Nanomaterials Standards-Cell of BCRC is part of a broader action of raising awareness of companies, especially SMEs, about the standardization process and the importance of standards for their competitiveness ; this action has been initiated and is supported by Division Competitiveness of the Federal Public Service Economy, S.M.E.s , Self-Employed and Energy.

The Nanomaterials Standards-Cell is based on a partnership between BCRC and Sirris, two research centers longstanding involved in this field.


Operational since 2014, the Nanomaterials Standards-Cell perform following assigned tasks :
  • Active monitoring of standardization for the ceramics and glass sectors, and maintaining a document database
  • Information of the concerned companies about current standards and standards in development
  • Individual assistance to companies in their approach to search, interpret and apply given standards
  • Defense of the interests of the companies of the sector, in particular of the SMEs, within the various working groups (CEN and/or ISO)


In practice, the Standards-Cell Nanomaterials offers among others following services (download the flyer)

  • Assisted Search: We can help you to identify the standard that you look for, to choose the correct standard considering the application in mind and corresponding context, to look for the existence of a standard and/or a regulation relevant to a particular domain.

  • Expertise and analysis: We can assist you to establish a list of relevant normative documents on a given theme, to highlight the correspondence between normative documents of diverse sources (Belgian, European, international, foreign standards) or to clarify relations between normative documents and regulations.

  • Standard watch: At your request, we can keep you informed according to a frequency to be defined of the changes in standards and / or regulations on a specific theme which you would have beforehand defined.


The Nanomaterials Standards-Cell is based on a partnership between BCRC and Sirris, two research centers longstanding involved in this field.
Next to its research activities in the field of nanostructured materials and the importance of this in its core business, BCRC became involved very early in the related standardization activities. He participates in the work of CEN / TC 352 and ISO / TC 229 and has been thereupon appointed as Sector Operator in charge of the Belgian mirror committee I229 by the Bureau for Standardization (NBN).
This position is an important asset in the framework of a Standards-Cell, insofar as it allows quick access to information and to a wide network of contacts.
Sirris, the collective center of the Belgian technological industry, has for its part since 2005 at hand a nanopowder manufacturing pilot plant and an extended characterization laboratory. He also took part in several research projects (European, collective, pre-normative, Interreg, the Marshall Plan, ... and industrial).

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