The ‘Ceramic, Glass, Hardmetals and Powder Metallurgy’ Standards-Cell of BCRC is part of a broader action of raising awareness of companies, especially SMEs, about the standardization process and the importance of standards for their competitiveness ; this action has been initiated and is supported by Division Competitiveness of the Federal Public Service Economy, S.M.E.s , Self-Employed and Energy.


Operational since September 1998, the Standards-Cell ‘Ceramic, Glass, Hardmetals and Powder Metallurgy’ perform following assigned tasks :
  • Active monitoring of standardization for the ceramics and glass sectors, and maintaining a document database ;
  • Information of the concerned companies about current standards and standards under development ;
  • Individual assistance to companies in their approach to search, interpret and apply given standards ;
  • Defense of the interests of the companies of the sector, in particular of the SMEs, within the various working groups (CEN and/or ISO).


The ‘Ceramic, Glass, Hardmetals and Powder Metallurgy’ Standards-Cell covers the fields of technical ceramics, refractory products, traditional ceramics, hollow glass, special glass, building and automotive glass, hard metals, etc…


In practice, the Standards-Cell offers among others, following services :
  • Assisted search : We can help you to identify the standard that you look for, to choose the correct standard considering the application in mind and corresponding context, to look for the existence of a standard and/or a regulation relevant to a particular domain.
  • Expertise and analysis : We can assist you in drawing up a list of relevant normative documents on a given theme, in highlighting the correspondence between normative documents of diverse sources (Belgian, European, international, foreign standards) or in clarifying relationships between normative documents and regulations.
  • Standard watch : At your request, we can keep you informed, according to a frequency to be defined, of the changes in standards and / or regulations on a specific theme which you would have beforehand defined.