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Technical ceramics are defined as « inorganic materials, predominantly non-metallic, of high performance with specific functional characteristics. » However, this definition covering a wide range of products, technical ceramics are distinguished most of the time on the basis of their main physical application, i.e. mechanical, thermal, electrical, bio, photo-catalytic, etc.

The current objectives of standardization on technical ceramics are the improvement and harmonization of standards at national and regional level by establishing international standards, especially on characterization and evaluation methods.

Demand in the field of technical ceramics is growing but in order for them to find broad acceptance in the industrial world, several issues still need to be addressed :

  • Development of new applications from further research on materials ;
  • Reduction of production costs by working on the manufacturing processes ;
  • Development of an international network in the field of ceramics to improve research and development and standardization in this area.

Standardisation bodies

The main normative developments in this area are supported by the following technical committees; detailed information on each of these standardisation bodies can be obtained by following the links provided.



Level Technical Committee  
European CEN/TC 184 Info
International ISO/TC 206 Info
United-States                 ASTM Committee C28             Info
Would you like to actively contribute to the standardisation work in this field? You can do so by participating in the work of the Belgian mirror committee.

Published standards